Jim Childers and myself built a couple of these ladder stands to place on his farm. They are comfortable, safe and relatively inexpensive stands. The first one built was 12 feet high and the one pictured is 8 feet high.

Jim putting the finishing touches on the platform.

That's me after the stand is in place - the stand is overlooking a greenfield

That's the plan!

The ladder is in a stand of small pine trees - 8ft all the tree can stand

5 acre cornfield at Tishabee Farms in Greene County

October 29 - That's me in a loc-on stand placed at the cornfield - notice the shooting house in the background - I hunted this stand that afternoon and saw 10 deer but all were to far for a shot - there's several really good trails coming out of the pines within 25 yards of the stand however the deer were not using them that afternoon

Pretty good cover! This is the type of setup I like - one of the reasons I use hanging type stands 99% of the time

A couple of loc-on stands "airing-out" before the season