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Deer: 4pt
Weight: 150 lbs.
December 14, 2004
Time: 5:00pm
Location: Morgan County, AL
Remington Model 700
Scope: Zeiss 2.5x10x50mm
Caliber: 270Win
Bullet: Nosler Partition 130gr.
Range: 280 yards
Treestand: None
Distance Deer Traveled: 100 yards

It was an interesting hunt!  I was in an old shed watching a barren field and saw a deer along the edge eating hedge leaves.  I looked at him with the binoculars and it was a small deer with long spikes.  I brought up the rangefinder and it was 280 yards.  I didn't plan to shoot him - just a year and a half old buck but wanted to know the distance in case he wasn't alone.  I saw movement behind him and a large deer walked into the field but quickly disappeared back into the hedge row.  I could tell he had a much larger body but his antlers were about the same size.  I saw him again in the hedge row and decided to cull him from the herd.  He was facing me at a 45-degree angle - I aimed for the front of his closest shoulder and hit a little far back.  There was some wind blowing left to right (I hit to far to the right) and I didn't allow for it at 280 yards.  My rifle is setup at 2 inches high at 100 yards and just over 2 inches low at 300 yards.  I held a little high and hit perfect on height just a little right which was back toward the gut.  The bullet clipped one lung and exited at the front of the opposite ham.  I could tell by the way he ran off - he was hit in the gut.  As the bullet struck him, he hunched up and took off.   I was not to concerned as the angle could've got the gut on the way out.  I found blood and started to track him.  I tracked him for 75 yards and lost blood.  My flashlight was playing out - I decided to mark the spot and call in some help.  He was traveling down the edge of the field in a relatively straight line.  I walked on ahead to make sure he hadn't collapsed in the field.  Just as I got to the end of the field, I heard some sticks break about 40 yards in the woods.  I thought I had jumped him.  I turned off the flashlight and stood there.  I heard it again and it sounded like the same location.  I was pretty sure he was broke down in there and needed someone to put him out of the misery.  It was so thick I had to crawl in on my hands and knees.  With the recent knee surgery, it was more of a disorganized slide.  Just as I started in the woods, I heard it again in the same place.  I crawled toward the spot and couldn't find the deer.  I was exhausted!  I turned the light off to "listen" and rest a minute.  It was dark as Ole man Long's wood stove in that thicket with no light.  The light was out for a couple of minutes and woods were silent.  I was lying down and it was so peaceful with the cold temps and silence, I was so at ease ... I almost forgot about the deer.  Just then, the woods exploded to my right five or so steps to my right!  I nearly jumped out of my skin - the hair stood up on my head!  I grabbed for the flashlight and rifle - I thought a bear, pack of coyotes or big foot had descended on me!!  It was the deer and he was broke down.  I ended his misery.  I managed to drag him a few yards South and get out of most of the thick stuff - then head West toward the field.  I loaded him up and headed to the skinning rack.  It was an interesting afternoon!!

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