Bow Season

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Deer: Doe
100 lbs.
November 3, 2009
Madison County, AL
Matthews Switchback Bow
Arrow: Carbon Express Maxima 250
Broadhead: Muzzy MX-4 100gr. - 4 blade
Treestand: Gorilla
Range: 20 yards
Distance Deer Traveled: 75 yards

What a wild afternoon! Right after I got in the stand, saw four bucks.  One was super nice - lots of bone on his head.  They were 60-70 yards away and never came closer.  A little later in the afternoon, a doe came into the white oak trees I'm hunting.  I shot her at 20 yards.  Good day.

That's twenty straight years with at least one deer by bow - a streak I'm proud of!


Season Updates 2009-10

This is my bow hunting combination:

Matthews Switchback Bow

My hunting arrow is 350 grains - 29" Carbon Express MAXIM 250 - Muzzy MX-4 100gr - dipped in white paint - crested - three 4" white feathers
I reduced the draw weight on my bow to 62#'s - yea, I'm a baby - It's shooting 280 fps at 62#'s through the chronograph - 30" draw.

On Saturday night - during the bow work - I measured the draw weight - it was bottomed out and pulling 73#'s.  At 73#'s, it was shooting 310 fps through the chronograph - 30" draw with 350gr arrow.  Mathews claims 318 fps with a 350gr arrow at 30" draw set to 70 lbs.  I didn't get 318 fps.  IBO speed (like you see listed for bows) is measured with a 350gr arrow at 30" draw set to 70 lbs.


IBO Rating (FPS) (approx.) 318 fps (Approx)
AMO Rating
(FPS) (approx.)
241 fps (Approx)
Cam(s) StraightLine Perimeter-Weighted C1 Cam
Draw Weight 40, 50, 60, 70
Draw Length 26" - 30" with Half Sizes from 26 1/2" - 29 1/2"
Axle to Axle Length
33" (Approx)
Brace Height
7" (Approx)
Riser Length 25 1/2" (Approx)
Physical Weight
4.34 lbs (Approx)
Letoff (%) 65% or 80% (Approx)
String/Cable Length Zebra Barracuda String Length 91 3/4", Cable Length 35 1/2"
Trophy Ridge Matrix Sights

Trophy Ridge Drop Zone Rest

Carbon Express Maxima 250 shafts - 4" TrueFlight Feathers - Custom Dip, Crown and Crest

Carbon Express Arrows - Maxima

Muzzy 100gr 4-blade

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