Bow Season

Deer: Doe
100 lbs.
November 24, 2008
Madison County, AL
Matthews Switchback Bow
Arrow: Carbon Express Maxima 250
Broadhead: Muzzy MX-4 100gr. - 4 blade
Treestand: None
Range: 15 yards
Distance Deer Traveled:75 yards

What a wild afternoon!  It had rained all night and most of the day.  The rain ended around 2pm and I headed out to the woods.  The wind was steady out of the SW - good for a big 20' high brush pile.  I climbed to the top of the brush pile and waited.  I was 50 yards from 5-6 persimmon trees planted in the big clover field.  With the leaves wet, I did not heard the deer coming up the end of the woods.  A doe walked into the shooting lane - it looked small but turned out to be the adult.  She walked through the shooting lane at 20 yards.  Two medium sized yearlings were with her.  After they had cleared the shooting lane, I stood up to get a shot at the adult doe.  I noticed movement to my left and the doe pictured above was staring at me.  She did the head bob for several minutes at 15 yards.  Finally she looked back and I moved the bow toward her.  She stared for another few minutes and looked back again - this time I drew and put the 20 yard pin in the kill.  She was staring at me when I released the arrow.  I just hoped the bow was fast enough to get the arrow there before she hunkered to run.  It did - she made it 75 yards.

That's nineteen straight years with at least one deer by bow - a streak I'm proud of!


Season Updates 2008-09

This is my bow hunting combination:

Matthews Switchback Bow

My hunting arrow is 350 grains - 29" Carbon Express MAXIM 250 - Muzzy MX-4 100gr - dipped in white paint - crested - three 4" white feathers
I reduced the draw weight on my bow to 62#'s - yea, I'm a baby - It's shooting 280 fps at 62#'s through the chronograph - 30" draw.

On Saturday night - during the bow work - I measured the draw weight - it was bottomed out and pulling 73#'s.  At 73#'s, it was shooting 310 fps through the chronograph - 30" draw with 350gr arrow.  Mathews claims 318 fps with a 350gr arrow at 30" draw set to 70 lbs.  I didn't get 318 fps.  IBO speed (like you see listed for bows) is measured with a 350gr arrow at 30" draw set to 70 lbs.


IBO Rating (FPS) (approx.) 318 fps (Approx)
AMO Rating
(FPS) (approx.)
241 fps (Approx)
Cam(s) StraightLine Perimeter-Weighted C1 Cam
Draw Weight 40, 50, 60, 70
Draw Length 26" - 30" with Half Sizes from 26 1/2" - 29 1/2"
Axle to Axle Length
33" (Approx)
Brace Height
7" (Approx)
Riser Length 25 1/2" (Approx)
Physical Weight
4.34 lbs (Approx)
Letoff (%) 65% or 80% (Approx)
String/Cable Length Zebra Barracuda String Length 91 3/4", Cable Length 35 1/2"
Trophy Ridge Matrix Sights

Trophy Ridge Drop Zone Rest

Carbon Express Maxima 250 shafts - 4" TrueFlight Feathers - Custom Dip, Crown and Crest

Carbon Express Arrows - Maxima

Muzzy 100gr 4-blade

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