Bow Season

Deer: Doe
120 lbs.
October 29, 2006
Jackson County, AL
Matthews Switchback Bow
Arrow: Beman Carbon ICS Hunter - 300
Broadhead: Muzzy 115gr. - 4 blade
Treestand: Summit Climbing Stand
Range: 30 yards
Distance Deer Traveled: 100 yards

October 28th (Sun-PM) - I hunted the edge of a food plot overlooking a drain with cutover on the other side.  I thought the deer would come out of the cutover, cross the drain and enter the field by my treestand.  I thought it would be the ideal spot - the wind was perfect.  I got in the treestand with 3 hours of daylight remaining. All afternoon, I expected to see deer coming out.  The food plot had lots of fresh sign - it's a big 2-acre plot.  At 4:50pm, a spike entered the field 75 yards away.  A few minutes later a doe came out close to him.  She was a medium sized doe and didn't appear to have fawns.  He chased her around a couple of times and ran her once within 35 yards but she was quartering hard toward me - 35 yards my absolute max for a shot.  Just before it was to dark to see, I heard deer coming from behind me.  A couple of small deer came in the field at 15 yards.  A big doe came out at 15 yards but it was to thick too shoot.  She walked on out in the field and stopped broadside at 30 yards.  I use a very small peep site hole and knew it was to late too see through the peep sight. I looked just beside my peep sight and aimed a little to the right.  I pulled the trigger and heard the arrow hit hard.  She ran about a 100 yards and I heard her crash.  It took about 20 minutes to track her with an almost dead flashlight.  She down into the drain and up the other side about 30 yards into the cutover.  She was shot dead through the 10-ring. Man, Muzzy broadheads are hard to beat! That's at least 30-40 deer I've shot since switching to Muzzy's - the 115gr 4-blade is awesome.  The drag down to bottom of the drain was a snap - up the other side was tough.  It was steep.  I had a hard time loading her on the 4-wheeler.  I stood in the front basket and pulled her up - she weighed 120lbs on the scale.  I'm not as young as I use to be :)

Trailer Trailer at the camp in Jackson County

Updates from the 2006-07 Season

September 24th (Sun) For Christmas last year, Santa brought me a new Matthews Switchback bow.  The bow had the wrong cam on it for my draw length - I guess I grew from the time Santa made the bow in his workshop at the North Pole :)  By the time the bow was returned and fixed, it was the last week of hunting season.  I didn't setup the new bow until this last week.  I tied the peep sight in today and shot a little.  It seems fast and quiet.  I didn't have time to setup the chronograph and test Beman 300, 340 and 400 arrows through it - I want the see the difference.  I have several dozen Beman 300 (the heaviest of the three) but this bow should shoot all three well.  If the speed is greatly increased with the 400's, I'll probably switch.  The chronograph needs good sunlight to function correctly - I have football practice Monday at 5:00pm - no way to get home in time to test.  Maybe one day later in the week.

This is my bow hunting combination:

Matthews Switchback Bow


IBO Rating (FPS) (approx.) 318 fps (Approx)
AMO Rating
(FPS) (approx.)
241 fps (Approx)
Cam(s) StraightLine Perimeter-Weighted C1 Cam
Draw Weight 40, 50, 60, 70
Draw Length 26" - 30" with Half Sizes from 26 1/2" - 29 1/2"
Axle to Axle Length
33" (Approx)
Brace Height
7" (Approx)
Riser Length 25 1/2" (Approx)
Physical Weight
4.34 lbs (Approx)
Letoff (%) 65% or 80% (Approx)
String/Cable Length Zebra Barracuda String Length 91 3/4", Cable Length 35 1/2"
Trophy Ridge Matrix Sights

Trophy Ridge Drop Zone Rest

Beman Carbon Hunter Shafts ICS 300 - 5" TrueFlight Feathers - Custom Dip, Crown and Crest

Muzzy 115gr 4-blade

115Gr. 4-Blade Screw-In 6pk picture

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