1980 Jeep CJ-7

Seat Warmer

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I’ve replaced almost everything on the jeep.  With hunting season around the corner, I thought I’d update you on some of the mods I’ve made on the jeep.

Austin is a big fan of the seat warmers on my truck.  I did some research and found a company that makes good aftermarket set warmers.  I called them and decided to try a set of their seat warmers.

 Product: Rostra Precision Controls Seat Heater Model 25-1550

Bought From: Summit Racing Equipment

Cost: $234 for both seats


Three-position switch high/low, on/off
Rapid heat-up time. Feel comfort in less than one minute
Separate temperature sensors for seat's bottom and back for even heating
Continuous temperature monitoring prevents overheating.


In a nutshell:

Remove seats from vehicle

Remove seat covers

Pull off tabs and stick heating elements on seat bottom and back

Plug in all wiring under the seat

Mount On/Off Switch

Hook up two power (one full time & one ignition) and ground

Put seat covers back on

Mount seats in Jeep


Took about 2-hours to complete – works like a charm


This is the sunglass holder out of the console.  I cut appropriate size hole and mounted switches. One for each seat.  I sealed the sunglass holder in place so the door would not swing open.





Sunglass holder removed and top drink holder removed.  I routed the wiring into the bottom (dead space) of the drink holder




Sunglass holder back in place





Drink Holder out – wiring in bottom – drilled holes to feed wiring





Bottom of seat prior to installation





Seat warmer package




Seat Cover removed




I talked to Rostra – with thick neoprene seat covers – I can mount heating elements on top of existing seat – it has tape that holds it in place – will not damage seat cover if removal is needed.






Heating element upside down – pull off tape tabs and stick down





Heating elements in place – stick to seat bottom and back – wiring routed between top and bottom





All wiring mounted under seat – Two elements plug into square control module – control module has three sets of wires coming out – one set to plug into elements – one set goes to on/off switch – one set goes to power/ground. It’s all held in place with zip ties





Seat cover back on





Drink holder back in place




Running – can’t see lights on in picture




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