1980 Jeep CJ-7

Custom Carrier

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As most of you know, I bought an old jeep last February. 

Specs: 1980 CJ-7 AMC 360 V8 Automatic Transmission

Iíve replaced almost everything on the jeep.  With hunting season around the corner, I thought Iíd update you on some of the mods Iíve made on the jeep.

For using Jeep at the hunting club, I needed something to haul deer on.  At least, I hope I'll need something to haul deer on :)

I bought an Aluminum Carrier at Harbor Freight Tools in Huntsville.  It's normally $99.  I had a coupon for $69.  It's a nice carrier.

Raw Aluminum Carrier

Raw Aluminum Carrier

Cleaned with degreaser and primed with Grey Rustoleum Automobile Primer

Base coat of Krylon Ultra Flat Khaki

Camouflaged using Krylon Ultra Flat Olive and then Krylon Ultra Flat Black

Finished Product - I had an "Endangered Species" sticker left over - slapped it on there

Added some DOT Reflective Tape.  After hunting, it's nice to shine the light up the trail and hit the tape.




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