1980 Jeep CJ-7

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I wanted something to hunt out of that would be a little warmer than a 4-wheeler.  I considered a utility type vehicle such as a Rhino or Gator.  I love those but decide to buy an old jeep and fix it up.  I bought this jeep in February of 2011 and started the process of rebuilding it. Almost everything has been replaced or taken off and cleaned/reworked.  I guess you've heard Jeeps are money pits ... well it's true!


Model: 1980 Jeep CJ-7
Engine: AMC 360 V8
Transmission: Torque Flight 727 Automatic Transmission
Front Axle: Dana 30
Rear Axle: AMC Model 20
Transfer Unit: Dana 300

New Parts/Upgrades:

Engine - AMC 360 V8:


Sparkplug Wires

Ignition/Distributor Cap



Oil Pan Drain Plug

Fuel Filter and Hose

Thermostat and Gasket

Hood to Grill Grommets

Battery Cover


Heater Core Seal

Brass Radiator Drain

Radiator Flush Kit Installed

Fuel Level Sending Unit

Hood Locking Kit

Radiator Hoses

Breather Fresh Air Hose

Carburetor Return Spring

Vacuum Lines

Oil Filler Cap

Temperature Sending Unit

Transfer Case 4wd Indicator



Steering Gear Box

Power Steering Pump

Power Steering Hoses

Steering Shaft Couplings/Boot/Bearing

Skyjacker Steering Dampener/Stabilizer

Wheel Bearings - Inner and Outer - Races


Tie Rod Assembly (Rod and Tie Rod Ends)

Drag Link Assembly (Rod with Tie Rod End and Drag Link End)

Steering Gear Box Cross Brace Arm


Skyjacker Hydro Shocks

Leaf Spring Plates

Tie Rod - Main

Tie Rod to Pitman Arm

Leaf Springs

SuperRide 2.5" Lift Kit



Rear Wheel Cylinders

Rear Drums

Rear Pads

Rear Hardware Kit

Front Rotors

Front Pads


Door Panels

Door Handles

Door Pull Handles

Neoprene Seat Covers


3-point Seat Belts

Auto Meter Oil Pressure Gauge

Dome Light

Rear Hatch Light

Turn Signal Handle

Tilt Steering Handle

Wiper Light

Dana 300 Transfer Boot

Dana 300 Shifter Handle

Door Straps


Rock Hard 4x4 Floor Mats

Rear Cargo Mat

Rear Cargo Carpet

Teltek Outside Temp Gauge

Interior Window Glass Seals

Rear Lift Gate Seal

Pioneer Stereo

JBL Speakers


Rostra Seat Warmers

Upgraded Heater Blower Motor

BestTop Door Strikers

Hi-Lift Jack

Hi-Lift Jack Mounting Bracket


Fire Extinguisher

Tow Strap

Kentrol Lower Door Pins

Master Steering Wheel Vehicle Theft Lock



Renegade Decals

Parking and Turn Signal Lamps

All new bulbs

Hardtop Seal Kit

Locking Door Handles

Locking Hardtop Liftgate Handle

Locking Gas Cap

Exterior Window Glass Seals

Windshield Wiper arms and wiper blades

Wheel Lock Set

Warn M8000 Winch

Warn Winch Cover

Rock Hard Front Bumper

Rock Hard Shackles

Fender Flares

Sidebar Steps



Installed Backup Spot Lights

New towing wiring harness - 4 Wire Flat and 7 RV Blade

Air Vent Scoop

Run Cool Hi-Flow Hood Louvers

CJ-7 Emblems

KC Stone Guard Light Covers

Hitch J-Hook

Windows Tinted

Aluminum Cargo Carrier



Changed all Fluids, Gaskets and Filters:

Engine Oil


Transfer Case

Front and Rear Differential


Power Steering



Replaced all Fuses and Bulbs

Interior:  Sanded - primed - painted with Herculiner Bed Liner

Exterior:  Sanded and Painted


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