Austin's Custom Rifle

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In 2005, I bought Austin a 243 Win caliber Remington Model 7.  He's had a lot of success with it and harvested quite a few deer.  I wanted to upgrade to a larger caliber but wanted to keep the same action as he harvested his first deer with the Remington Model 7.  I engraved his name and year on the action when it was purchased.  Hart makes the best barrels in the world.  Austin and I took the barreled action out of his Model 7 and mailed to Hart for a new barrel in 7mm-08.  Hart took the 243 Win barrel off and installed a Stainless Steel Hart 7mm-08 barrel.  They also trued the action, fit and chamber and then bead blasted the barrel.  It took around 6-months to get the barreled action back from Hart.  Austin and I ordered a Bell and Carlson Carbelite stock.  We installed and bedded the action in the stock.  He's been hunting with my 270 Win a lot the last couple of years.  I custom worked it a few years ago and it's nice.  It has a Zeiss VM 2.5x10x50 scope on it.  He loves that scope so we ordered him one like for his new rifle.  The original 243 Win barrel had a Zeiss Conquest scope on it - we moved that scope to a 22LR.  We cleaned the base and rings with Acetone and installed with Medium strength Loc-Tite.  Mounted the scope.  Put on a new Bone Collector sling. 

We ordered a Redding Die, Norma Brass and Nosler Partition bullets.  We're in the process of working up a load for the rifle.  We should be settled on one in a couple of weeks.

It's a sweet little rifle!


Caliber: 7mm-08
Action: Remington Model 7
Barrel: Hart
Stock: Bell and Carlson
Scope: Zeiss Diavari VM 2.5x10x50 30mm Tube #8 Reticule
Scope Base: Leupold
Scope Rings: Leupold
Sling: Bone Collector
Die: Redding
Brass: Norma
Bullet: Sierra GameKing 140gr



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