2011 Buck

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Deer: 14 pt - 6x6 with 2 kickers
225 lbs.
165 3/8 B&C
January 27, 2011
Location: Jackson County, AL
Thompson Encore
Scope: Zeiss VM/V 3x12x56mm
Caliber: 300 Win Mag
Bullet: Nosler Ballistic Tip 180gr.
Range: 40 yards
Distance Deer Traveled: 90 yards
Stand: Summit Viper Climbing Treestand
Hunters: Jeff Smith

I shot this buck on a small piece of property in Paint Rock Valley.  It's only 20 acres but has very little hunting pressure around it - for Jackson County that is.  It was the first time I hunted the property all year.  I scouted it a few days before and found a rub line.  That doesn't mean much - just a buck has been through there at least once in the last 4-months.  When the wind was right, I went back and climbed a tree.  A few doe came by early in the afternoon and around 4:30, a doe came by trotting.  She was wet with sweat.  I knew a dog or buck was after her.  I got ready and saw him coming at a fast trot.  I whistled couple of times and he didn't acknowledge it.  I shot him as he trotted through a small opening.  He bucked and ran off at full speed.  I found him 90 yards away.  He's a good one.




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