2004 Alabama Buck

Deer: 22 pt
Weight: 200+ lbs.
Date: November 27, 2004
Time: 3:30 pm
Location: Morgan County, AL
Weapon: Browning
Scope: Leupold 3x9 40mm
Caliber: .270
Bullet: 120 gr.
Stand: Climber
Range: 75 yards
Distance Deer Traveled: 20 yards

Late bow season, my brother and I had found a nice rub line on a white oak flat. The rub line consisted of about 20 trees with about half of them twisted into and a cedar tree, bigger than my leg, deeply rubbed. On the second weekend of gun season, my brother and I set up on each end of the rub line. At 3:30, I saw the buck crossing the rub line about 75 yards away on the edge of some thick brush. After the first shot, the deer ran about 20 yards and bedded down like it was gut shot. I then finished him off with two additional shots - the hunt was over. The 22 point buck was so heavy we had to use a 4 wheeler to pull it up on top of another 4 wheeler's front rack.

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