Arkansas Duck Hunting

Stuttgart, Arkansas
December 26-29, 2003


The trip was great!  We saw thousands of ducks and geese! You could look at the sky at any time and see waterfowl - birds everywhere!

Jim and I stayed at Camp Motes with Macky Moates, Scott Motes and Jon Autrey.  Scott is on the pro-staff for Avery outdoors and treated us like a King.  We hunted some great blinds and he cooked some great food. 

The weather was not real "ducky" - warm and cloudy.  The first morning was sunny and I got a couple of good pictures - the rest of the trip was plagued with heavy cloud cover - it's tough to take good pictures of wildlife without the sun to provide color and brightness.  Scanned pictures start out at around 850KB - I reduce them to around 50KB to display at a decent rate.  Even at 50KB, this page will take several minutes to load across a standard telephone modem.  By reducing them, the picture quality suffers greatly.

I hope to get a chance to hunt with these guys next season!  Building this page makes me want to head to Arkansas today!!

We used a lot of the new Avery Products - talk about quality workmanship - they really do the job!  If you need any additional hunting products - check them out on the web or at your local pro-shop.  I got to have one of those Pit Bags!

Thanks to Jim for the invitation, Mr. Moates for letting me stay at his camp, Scott for the great duck hunting holes and Jon for his dog Ellie - you know I killed all those ducks she retrieved :)

Friday - Left around 1:30pm and drove to Camp Moates - took around 6 hours.

Day 1: Saturday Morning

The first morning, we hunted one of the most historic duck holes in Arkansas - Tindell Reservoir.  We saw tons of waterfowl and had a great time.  The blind was incredible!

Jeff Smith, Scott Moates, Macky Moates, Jon Autrey and Jim Childers

A mornings work

The Blind is located in the Brush - notice the caller/dog blind on the left
The new Avery decoys are great - they're so lifelike I think a few of them got shot :)

There's actually two 25' blinds in this setup plus a covered place to store the boat in the brush - It was awesome!

Levi is ready to go

Come here little duck

An A+ for concentration

This is a nice setup!

Scott Moates

Headed back to the dock

Hiding the boat in the blind

Macky Moates

Fetch it up

I like this picture

Levi getting a work out

So many Geese so few shells




After the hunt, we headed to Mack's Prairie Wing's to look around.  Mack's is a great hunting store - it's almost as big as a super Wal-Mart and they had almost everything at 40-50% off.  If it's even remotely related to duck hunting ... they have it. They have tons of Avery outdoor gear!

Day 1: Saturday Afternoon

We dove hunted the first afternoon and it was fabulous.  The cut Milo field had birds flocking to it. I haven't seen that many birds in years.  Birds flying everywhere!  We finished up with a bag full!! 


Dinner - Dove with all the trimmings.

Day 2: Sunday Morning

The second morning Scott carried us to a pit blind in a flooded rice field.  We saw tons of birds.

Geese Everywhere!!

Ellie makes a long retrieve

The Pit Blind is just inches above the water line

Thousands of Ducks and Geese

Day 2: Sunday Afternoon

We hunted the same pit blind in hopes that some of the thousands of ducks flying into the reservoir next to the field would start craving rice.

Scott - ready for some action

They made fun of my Kid Rock hat - yea, it hurt my feelings :)

A little fresh air

Levi watching the ducks

Dinner - Red Beans and Rice with all the trimmings.

Day 3: Monday Morning

We hunted at Jim's hunting club (Blue Cyprus) and saw a lot of ducks.  No pictures due to rain.

Headed home around 11:00am - the drive home was rough due to the constant rain - it took forever to find a Wendy's.

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