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They make it fun!

November 13: Amber and I hunted on the Alabama Youth Deer Hunting Day.  Austin was sick and didn't go - he was heart broken!  We didn't see any deer.  We hunted again the following weekend with Austin.  The three of us didn't see any deer.  It's tough hunting in Morgan County - I miss our club in Tennessee!

In the Double Ladder Stand

The kids love the face paint :)

November 26: We hunted the double ladder stand - saw zero deer. 

The love the new boots!

In the Double Ladder Stand

They can't hunt without face paint :)

December 17: We hunted out of an old barn - saw zero deer.

Going to get busy!

It was cold!

December 26: Hunted the Blue Shooting House on a friends land.  Saw three deer - two bucks and one not sure of probably a doe.  The two bucks were 1.5 year old deer - one was a spike and the other a 4 point.  They only shoot mature bucks on this land and we let them walk - to Ambers protest :)

December 29: We hunted the double ladder stand - saw 3 deer but no luck. 

In the Double Ladder Stand

Deer #1

Amber Smith - Age 11

Deer: Doe
Weight: 120 lbs.
January 2, 2005
Time: Afternoon - 5:00pm
Location: Morgan County
Remington Model 7
Scope: Leupold VXII 2x7 33mm
Caliber: 243Win
Bullet: Nosler Partition 85gr.
Range: 220 yards
Distance Deer Traveled: 150 yards
Stand: None
Hunters: Amber, Austin and Jeff

January 5: The kids asked to go hunting last Friday and Saturday, however they didn’t get to hunt due to karate and other functions.  We hunted on Sunday afternoon and the weather was very hot.  Gnats and mosquitoes were out!  The deer sightings have been very low this year.  I have one double ladder stand to carry them hunting in and it has been unproductive.  I decided we’d try hunting off the ground over-looking a bean field.  Three people hunting off the ground without a shooting house or blind is not suppose to work, however the “standard” style of hunting wasn’t working.  We gambled and it paid off.  A small deer came out and I shot it with the range finder – 216 yards.  Another small deer came out and then a big doe behind the other two.  She shot the doe at 220 yards.  Not bad for an 11-year old girl :)  She shoots like Austin not her dad.  It seems like she and I can’t get an easy shot this year!! 

We had a hard time finding blood in the field.  I was watching the deer in binoculars at the shot and could tell it was a good hit.  I walked into the woods looking for the deer while the kids stayed in the field looking for blood.  As I eased into the woods, I could hear deer moving in the distance.  I figured it was the two small deer and the big one was down.  I walked right up on the big one and it jumped up.  I left the gun, unloaded, in the field.  It's dangerous to be bent over with a rifle on your back when looking for blood.  I unloaded it and removed the bolt.  The deer had bedded down 100 yards from the field - when I jumped it she hobbled over the edge of some huge rocks.  I marked the spot and we left.  I went back in 3-4 hours with Jim and we looked for several hours without finding the deer.  The next day my dad had neck surgery and I couldn't look for the deer.  The following day, I found the deer amongst the rocks.  It had traveled 50 or so yards from where I last saw it.  The shot was just above the lungs in that vacant area above the lungs but below the spine.  A larger caliber would've put enough shock to the spine to drop it where it stood.

About 45 minutes after I took this picture, Amber shot the deer at 220 yards off the shooting sticks.

I cut the tail off for Amber

Deer #2

Deer: 6pt.
Weight: 150 lbs.
January 14, 2005
Time: Afternoon - 5:10pm
Location: Morgan County
Remington Model 700
Scope: Zeiss VM 2.5x10x50mm
Caliber: 270Win
Bullet: Nosler Partition 130gr.
Range: 95 yards
Distance Deer Traveled: 0 yards
Stand: None
Hunters: Amber, Austin and Jeff

January 14: We hunted in an old barn. We'd been there awhile and Amber moved her hand like seeing a deer.  If one of us sees or hears something, we hold our hand out flat.  That may seem strange but I learned to improvise with two kids :)  She thought she saw a deer earlier but it wasn't - she said she was hallucinating :)  This time Austin saw it too - I was looking down the opposite side and couldn't see it - I was behind them.  After I saw it, she moved the rifle to the edge of the barn and waited for the deer to turn sideways.  I could tell it was nervous about something (not us) and was about to take off.  She had a hard quartering toward shot but with the 270 and partition bullets, I knew it do the job if she made a good shot.  It was 95-100 yards and I told her to take the shot when she was ready.  She made a perfect shot and the deer never took a step.  The bullet entered in front of the shoulder and exited in front of the opposite ham.  That girl can shoot!  According to her mothers side of the family, Daniel Boone is a distant relative - I thought it was hawg wash but it may be true.  Her and Austin can both out shoot me :)  She loved that "big gun" as she calls it and put in a order for a 270 for next year.  I may get her one and pass the 243 Win to Austin.  She also wants a Zeiss VM scope - that will not happen until she gets a job and buys it with her own money :)  I decided to carry the 270 for her as I feared a long shot and the 243 Win loaded with a light load didn't work well on her 200+ yard shot.  She's out grown that light load in distance. 


Her Black toboggan looks strange against the night sky :)

Austin claims to be Amber's Good Luck Charm - I'm a believer!

Two Happy Kids - Dad too!

Austin is always as happy about Amber's deer as she is - notice were the shot hit - it exited in front of the opposite ham - perfect angle!

Austin has perfected the picture technique - hold antlers away from body and with finger tips at base - he makes me proud :)

Austin grew antlers :)

Amber and Austin Hunting 2003-04

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