9 Point - Rifle - 2002

21" Spread - 24" Beams - 185lbs. - @140B&C

Remington 700
Scope: Leupold VXIII 4.5x14 50mm
Caliber: 270Win
Bullet: Nosler Partition 130gr.
Range: 100 yards
Deer Traveled: 40 yards
Size: 9 pt.
Weight: 185 lbs.
Date: January 2002

I was hunting in the afternoon and saw this deer cross the creek right at dark. From the time I saw him until he was down was only 15 seconds or so. When I saw him, he was angling hard towards me. I put the crosshairs on the right front shoulder. The bullet went in at the back of the right shoulder and exited in front of the back ham on the left side. It didn't bust a shoulder and he ran 40 yards before collapsing. That's about it for the story. I would like to have watched him for a while but there was no time to wait around.

I loaded him on the 4-wheeler, by myself, and he fell off the other side. Bummer, he was pretty heavy to load for one person and I had to do it twice! I had to cross the creek going back out and it almost washed me away the first time. Now I'm thinking, "Will a 185 lb. deer help or hurt?" I found out real quick ... hurt! It washed me completely around and I was heading directly into the current. I keep the wheels turned toward the bank and finally got into less current. I made it out of the creek and headed back to the truck.

The rut had really taken the toll on him and he had very little fat. He had lots of battle scars on his ears and neck from fighting.

The end of his right antler is broken off. As he is, he green scores around 140B&C. If the end was not broken and matched the other side, he would score around 150B&C. He has a great spread of 21", good mass and some long points. He's a great buck and I'm very proud of him ... I just wish the end were not broken off his right antler.





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